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in it to win it

in it to win it

We would all love to win the lottery. Since its conception the sale of lottery tickets has risen dramatically as we all play to try and win the big prize pot. Most of us tend to purchase our tickets at the local shop when we pick up our groceries but there are other ways of making sure you are in the game each week.

Buying online

The purchase of both lottery and Euromillions tickets can be made online, as can all kinds of permutations of the tickets and bonus balls. Purchase can be made using a debit card or there is an option to set up a direct payment from your bank account ensuring that your numbers are always in the draw. However there are hidden dangers involved in gambling and it is all too easy to set up a weekly payment that you cannot afford. The truth is that millions of people play the lottery each week and there is normally only one big winner. While it is fun to get involved there are many people who are so determined to get a chance of winning big that they put far too much money into it each week. 

Affordable fun

Never gamble more than you can realistically afford to lose. This may sound like common sense but it is all too ready to get carried away. If you only have five pounds left in your bank account what should you do? Buy a lottery ticket or something else that is perhaps more important? Or why not save it? Add up the amount you have spent on scratch cards and tickets and think what it could have amounted to had it been put in a savings account every week. You may have quite a surprise. While most people can play the lottery and purchase their lottery tickets each week there are those who lose control. If you feel that you or someone close to you is going down this path then there is help available; visit Gamblers Anonymous and read about not only the signs of addiction but what you can do to help.

Does this all sound a bit drastic? One of the first signs of any addiction is denial. Understanding what the risks of gambling are is a good way of making sure that you stay within your means when it comes to having a flutter.

All reputable online lottery retailers will have a page such as the following which encourages players to play responsibly:
If you want to play the lottery for a bit of fun then doing it online is simple, just remember that is only a game, and at the end of the day there is no guarantee of a return on your money.


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