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Online casino gambling has been the answer to the prayers of people who have forever craved gambling but have not made it to the casinos as often as they would have wanted to. Such people can now sit back in the comfort of their homes, and just log on to the Internet to begin their virtual casino-tour. There are thousands of online casinos that offer gambling or wagering for money on various traditional as well as invented casino games. There are more than 500 prime games that are being offered on thousands of websites for online gambling.

On the basis of the real purpose that people visit these sites for casino gambling, there can be a broad classification into 4 gambling types: compulsive gambling, regular wagering, entertainment gambling and free gambling.

Compulsive gambling can also be referred to as 'problem gambling'. Deciding a limit for wagering but failing to stick to it while playing is a common problem for most people. In fact, this problem has been around as long as gambling has been around. But access to online casino gambling has aggravated this issue and created a much larger number of compulsive gamblers. In common terms, people who're not able to control their urge of gambling, regardless of other issues, are 'compulsive gamblers'. Online gambling provides easy access to problem gamblers or gamblers that could potentially become compulsive about gambling.

The ability to see the results of the wagering instantly in online gambling, further encourages such gamblers, who do not even realize the extent of money they've gambled with, thanks to the mechanism that such sites function on.

Then there are the regular gamblers, who gamble for the thrill and money prize of gambling. However, they play in a far more disciplined, controlled and strategic manner in comparison to compulsive gamblers and realize when it's time to stop. They certainly engage in online casino gambling, and that too sometimes as a second income source, but it's not totally about money for them, and there is no ego involved, like is, with compulsive gamblers. Gambling champions also arise from this category.

Third kind of gambling is entertainment gambling. These are people who primarily enjoy gambling and can afford the (limited) expenses. Entertainment gamblers engage in online casino gambling exclusively for the purpose of entertainment, and not money. They're okay with wagering for money, but are not so concerned about winnings or losses. They engage in the activity only for their love of it.

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